Episode 13 – Dr. Rakesh Jivan

Conversation with Dr. Rakesh Jivan, Clinical Director for Education at Pacific Smiles Group and clinical lead for Insight, the PSG graduate development program.

Episode Notes

1.45 Intro + bio.

10.00 – Opinion leader 3M ESPE + digital photography.

15.10 – “never want the treatment to be done more than the patient”.

24.35 – “there’s got to be a better way of doing dentistry” – new practice concept.

35.30 – The 1 hour new patient exam – phase 1 of 3.

48.35 – “I’m not here to judge you”.

51.10 – Phase 2 (clinical exam) and phase 3.

1.03.00 – Working in a corporate – opportunity to mentor.

1.08.00 – Asking for referrals and recommendations.

1.10.50 – The Dental Board Code of Conduct.

1.14.55 – Advice for new graduates.

1.18.20 – Make friends with specialists.

1.21.00 – The secret to successful dentistry.

1.27.40 – Being open to feedback and audit.

1.38.10 – IQ + EQ + CQ = SUCCESS

Motivational Interviewing – William Miller




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