Episode 21 – Dr. Cigdem Kipel.

Conversation with Dr. Cigdem Kipel, a general dental practitioner with a special interest in cosmetic dentistry, clear aligners and implants. Cigdem has lectured and written about the importance of effective communication skills and is also involved in developing Level Up, an online systems and learning management software and Principle a practice management software system.

1.30 – Introduction and importance of emotional intelligence.

12.30 – Key communication skills for optimal relationships.

23.30 – Overcompensation by talking too much.

28.15 – Mentors and communication courses.

33.00 – Appreciating and valuing patients who put their care in your hands.

42.45 – What it looks like to have a 10/10 practice.

51.00 – How to set up a system in Level Up.

55.15 – Over-dependence on key staff members.

1.02.15 – Managing staff – check-ins and asking for feedback.




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