Episode 18 – 1 year of Communicating Health Podcast

Bonus episode – interview for student assignment on professionalism with Nigashiny Senthilvadevel (1st year DDS University of Melbourne).

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Episode Notes

3.15 – What does being a professional mean to you?

12.00 –  What professional and semi-professional organisations do you belong to?

16.45 – What are the rights and responsibilities you have as a health professional in your community?

20.15 – What are the privileges that you have as a health professional?

23.30 – What resources do you use to build your professional links and identity?

28.15 – What social, political and environmental issues do you believe or have encountered to impact your views/skills/relationships in a dental setting?

33.00 – What do you think has changed and developed in this current era that you think has had a major impact on the way you see dentistry?

39.00 – Do you have any personal anecdotes that have helped in your development as a health professional – whether as a student, mentor, dentist, educator?

42.30 – What are some beliefs/attitudes that you stand by and would pass down to me, as a dental student?

44.45 – What do you love about your job?


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