In 2013 when the UWA Dentistry degree became Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) I applied to become a lecturer in the Communication Skills module. Being a practicing Dentist with relevant post-graduate qualifications and work experience in this field I was accepted.

I taught and examined every year since 2013 in a small group tutorial style format – this involved a more interactive style of teaching with the use of exercises and role plays.

Since 2014 I also taught and examined on the UWA Doctor of Medicine course in the Communication Skills module, in a similar small group interactive setting.

I like to think that 20+ years work as a healthcare practitioner, combined with ‘real-world’ experience and application of communication skills (both inside and outside of health) helped to convey my passion for the importance of this field to the students.

In 2018 I was accepted to deliver a half-day course for the ADAWA CPD programme on Communication Skills – the course is designed for small groups, again to encourage interactivity. In my experience the greatest learning value in this subject matter is with with maximum engagement from participants.