If you listen to my podcast you will hear a message my guests (with collectively over 250+ years of dental experience) consistently repeat – effective communication is a key set of skills for successful and happy practice of dentistry.

Patients with higher expectations and vastly greater access to information enter our rooms with an ability to tarnish our reputation at the click of a mouse. Our industry is changing with slick marketing, big buying and fit-out power of large entities and significant 3rd party interference in the previously sacrosanct dentist-patient relationship – in one part of the market the price squeezing race to the bottom is on, if you’re willing to join in.

There is a better way – another consistent mantra from my guests is ‘look after the patient and the rest will follow’ – this is done through applied high level communication skills in tandem with clinical skills to match – the winning combination in dentistry.

Effective communication starts from within, our understanding of these skills aligned with our unique personalities, and works outwards in a way that should be genuine and sit well for each of us as individuals.

In 25+ years I have not yet come across a one-size-fits-all 7 step scripted formula for patient retention / word-of-mouth referrals / increasing case acceptance. Instead, I believe, just like learning restorative dentistry or orthodontics, if you understand some fundamental principles (and how/ where they can be predictably used), you will then develop your own way of successfully achieving these goals.

I make no apologies that my course is not directly about raising revenue – it is for dentists who focus primarily on healthcare and looking after patients. Equally I won’t hide from the fact that there is nothing wrong, having sacrificed much to gain our qualifications and skills, with making a good living from providing a valuable service to our community.

Treating patients with respect and educating them to make choices right for them will in turn lead to a patient base that feels good about their decisions made in collaboration with a caring professional – these patients will be happy to remunerate you accordingly, return for treatment and tell their friends about you.

I spend many hours per month producing my podcast and blog  because I believe a rising tide of caring dentists will eventually lift all boats – this ethos has been honed and developed from my years of experience and post-graduate study and is reinforced every time I speak to my inspirational guests.

My aim is to distill all of this learning and experience into a comprehensive, interactive, challenging 4 session course which will change they way you look at dentistry and interact with your patients and team.


  • Understanding importance of high level communication;
  • Identifying key points where communication fits in the workflow;
  • The 3 core communication skills – using them predictably every day;
  • Make a lasting positive impression with your patients;
  • Role plays – the new patient, the anxious patient and more;
  • Difficult conversations with patients and staff;
  • Negotiation and conflict management;
  • Self-awareness – effective communication starts from within;
  • Leadership and adding value as an owner or associate.

4 x 2 hour sessions – 1 month apart.

8 hours CPD

Small group – limited to 12 Dentists maximum.

Interactive – discussions, reflections, role-plays and homework!

Bespoke – course material directed  by participants.

Unique – no other course course like this in Western Australia.

You will gain vastly increased understanding of communication in dentistry, immediately be able to apply these skills in your day-to-day practice, as well as earning 8 hours CPD.

Call me on 0414 089 063 or email for further information.