Cert ADL

I have just completed Cert ADL.

What is Cert ADL?

It is a course that invites “global dental professionals” to participate in “an exciting Online Advanced Dental Leadership (ADL) programme developing young dentists into first class leaders and advocates for oral health.”

What are the criteria to participate?

In a literal sense I consider myself a ‘global’ professional as I have worked in Europe and Australia as a dentist, dispute resolution practitioner and teacher and did a student exchange at a Dental School in the USA – so I have encountered dentistry from numerous different aspects and in doing so worked with many great professionals and mentors.

Having completed the course I’m sure however that the meaning of ‘global’ is metaphorical – global in outlook, looking beyond the four walls of the room you work in.

I will, however, immediately disqualify myself from the ‘young’ part of the selection criteria, but I am passionate about advocating for the importance of communication skills as key skills that every dentist must be proficient in, not just leaving Dental School but also throughout their careers.

Any other commitments?

Yes, a very modest fee, your time and your energy. Like any online course it can be tick the box exercise that you could complete in 2-3 hours. If you go deeper to interact with and reflect on the material, then it is quite a bit more effort – like anything in life what you get out of it is proportional to the effort you put into it!

Who should do it?

Any dental professional – there will be something in it for all as there is a whole module on communication. If you have a leadership role such as a team leader in the government sector or the owner of a practice, then the leadership module will also have great value.

Was it useful?

Yes, I learned a lot from this even though I have already some prior experience in the field. Being online you could also meander through it slowly and if time poor just cherry pick items of interest to study further.


Some of the material was old and a there are a few broken links to external sites and material. The site needs a spring clean and updates in some areas.


For less than $100 AUD there is more than enough material here. If online learning works for you then definitely worth having a look.

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